Jazvin Mattress

Was created by a mattress professional with more than 20 years of mattress industry experience. There were several important things considered in the design process.


Why a Healthy mattress is Important !

Most common Mattresses have materials that are harmful- Chemically treated fire retardant fibers, low-grade memory foams, and other petroleum based foams. Mattress manufacturers are not required to disclose all the harmful materials for example like F/R fiber, type of glue or foam contents.

We spend 1/3 of our life in bed! All that time you may be inhaling harmful fumes from those toxic materials

Jazvin’s patented fusion design consists of natural organic sleep surface materials like natural wool, organic cotton, and natural latex combines with Certi-PUR-US base poly foam

The organic cotton surface has an antimicrobial shield which protects unwanted guests like dust mites and other microorganisms.

This unique combination makes Jazvin the most affordable mattress in its class. Jazvin is the best mattress for your overall health comfort and support.

More than 50,000 plus mattresses end up in a landfill every day!

We are planning to control post-consumer waste and help the environment by taking back old Jazvin mattresses, sanitizing and donating them to charities around the globe.

Jazvin offers real Solutions!!