Unboxing Instructions


Your New Jazvin Mattress Comes in an easy to carry box made from Eco-Friendly recycled paper. Take the first plastic cover with safety blade included. Repeat the same with second cover.


As soon as you remove the second cover, the mattress will begin expansion to its original shape. Lay on any flat surface – old box springs (with solid wood top) or any adjustable frame.

Take a Nap

Leave the mattress for few hours or until it gets to its original height (11 inches) and you are ready to enjoy the healthiest and most comfortable night sleep ever!

 Care instructions

Jazvin mattress comes with a 10 Year Warranty* Here are few tips to get the most out of your new mattress.

  • Rotate your mattress head to toe at least 4 times a year.
  • Always use a good quality waterproof mattress protector. to help protect against sweat and stains.
  • Always lay your Jazvin mattress on a hard surface, like platform bed, box springs with a solid surface (no coils) or any adjustable bed frame. Or you can simply lay it on the floor.
  • Never wash the cover entirely, spot cleaning only with an eco-friendly solution.
  • Vacuum your mattress once in a while is a good idea. Use soft bristle brush attachment. Your Jazvin mattress contains all natural materials so aggressive hard brushing might pull the natural fibers out.
  • It’s normal to smell natural wool for the first few da


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